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School Games Organisers

A School Games Organiser (SGO) supports the delivery of the School Games and Change4Life in schools across the country. There are roughly 450 SGOs across England. 

The role is orientated around five ‘core tasks’ designed to provide a focus for an SGOs work programme. The core tasks for 2016/17 are:

Participation: Drive school participation in School Games competition and increase the number of young people taking part in competition.

Competition for all: Develop competitive opportunities for all, including the least active. This can be measured using the Inclusive Health Check tool, available to complete via your dashboard.

Clubs: Increase regular participation in club sport; involve the least active through Change4Life Sports Clubs and increase links to local clubs.

Workforce: Broaden participation opportunities through volunteering and workforce roles.

Performance: Establish key performance indicators, target delivery and review progress on a termly basis.

Access the full SGO Task List and Key Deliverables by logging into your SGO account.

Further Support:

The School Games website is full of useful information, tools and resources that can help School Games Organisers to fulfill their role. Including:

  • SGO Dashboard - including statistics widget and Event Management Tool
  • SGO User Guide
  • School Games 2016/17 Calendar
  • YouTube Tutorial Videos
  • School Games Organiser Manual
  • Teacher Release Manual
  • School Games toolkits for primary and secondary
  • 'Maximising Your School Games' presentation
  • Case Studies
  • Inclusive Health Check
  • Access to the monthly SGO Update

Local Organising Committees

A Local Organising Committee (LOC) is a county or area-wide strategic group established to plan and stage a high quality School Games Festival (Level 3). A typical LOC includes representatives from:

  • State schools (both Primary and Secondary)
  • Independent sector
  • County Sports Partnership (CSP)
  • Local Government
  • Project Ability lead school
  • School Games Organiser
  • Young People
  • NGB and other local sports providers

Each LOC is chaired by a Head Teacher and the group will be critical in identifying the opportunities to exploit the School Games and all it involves for the benefit of young people, schools and the local community.

The School Games website is packed full of useful information, tools and resources that will help all LOCs to fulfil their role effectively. LOCs can access the website user manual, various case studies, the Inclusive Health Check and the monthly LOC newsletter (Starting bLOCk). 

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Sport Formats

The National Governing Bodies of Sport are regularly updating sports formats for intra and inter-school competition to encourage all young people to participate, including those with disabilities.

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