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Inspired by the future decade of sport across the UK, National Governing Bodies of Sport, health organisations and County Sports Partnerships are working more closely than ever to involve as many young people in sport and physical activity as possible. Never before have there been so many opportunities to be involved in school sport!


The world is a competitive place with challenges and pressures on all our lives to stand out from the crowd or to be successful. What better place then to learn the lessons of what it takes to be your best, to be creative, and to accept winning and deal with losing than school sport? The School Games is all about being the best you can be.

To help with this, there are a set of values developed by young people called the Spirit of the Games. These values are self belief, honesty, teamwork, respect, determination and passion. Please contact your local school if you would like to learn more about how they interact with both this and the School Games as a whole.


In order to provide more competitive sporting opportunities, a key focus is to give more young people responsibility within sport. Whether it is as a player, reporter or referee, the School Games provides an excellent opportunity for all young people to make a positive and active contribution to their school.

The School Games is open to everyone - whether they see themselves as 'sporty' or not. Our Reward and Recognition Scheme is a good example of this - offering young people the opportunity to write about their school's success, or submit an image or film.

Health and wellbeing

Whilst we can offer more competitive sport opportunities to a greater number of young people, there are often more difficult to reach groups that are not interested in participating in traditional sports or activities.

The Change4Life sports clubs programme supports young people to explore different types of activities and to engage with the School Games through an alternative route. There is something for everyone with a focus on inclusion.  

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The School Games is a celebration of competitive sport that will involve all young people in years 3 to 13, of all abilities and backgrounds. See if your child's school is signed up by using the button below.

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Inclusive competition

At all levels of the School Games there are multiple opportunities for young people with disabilities to compete on a local, regional and national level. Our aim is to provide more opportunities for all as we expand.

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