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Why get involved in the School Games?

  • Provide more opportunities for those currently not engaged in competitive sport and help all young people achieve their potential
  • Provide access to a range of competition formats to offer new and exciting options to young people
  • Maximise the impact of competitive school sport to develop young people's personal skills
  • Offer opportunities for young people to develop leadership skills through volunteer roles such as officials and team managers
  • Complement other initiatives in the school which encourage a wide range of young people to participate in sport, such as Change4Life sports clubs
  • Through four levels of competitive sport, young people have the opportunity to get involved, have fun and challenge themselves.

What is the difference between the four levels of the School Games?

What can this website do for you?

Once you have registered, you can use the School Games website to:

  • Utilise a profile page which details your School Games events
  • Download resources such as a website user guide
  • Apply for the School Games Mark
  • Enter the Reward & Recognition Scheme
  • Complete the Inclusive Health Check
  • Access case studies

How do I register my school for the School Games?

Supporting the achievement of school priorities and outcomes

As well as an opportunity for more young people to actively engage in competitive sport, the School Games can provide a catalyst for a wider impact across the curriculum. 

Download the guidance document to find out more about how to improve.

Positive aspirations and attitudes to learning

The Spirit of the Games Values focus on personal excellence through competition. The six values of passion, self belief, respect, determination, honesty and teamwork were developed by young people to identify what the experience of school sport should be built around.

These values have been successfully applied by schools to developing a range of behaviours, qualities and inter-personal skills with their students based on sporting experiences, scenarios and attitudes. 

Skills and Understanding

Alongside the School Games sporting programme we have the Reward and Recognition Scheme which can positively contribute to achievement in different subjects across the school and has proved successful in getting 'non-sporty' pupils involved in the School Games.

Health and Wellbeing

The Change4Life Sports Clubs programme supports young people to explore different types of activities and to engage with the School Games through an alternative route.  

The School Games provides an excellent opportunity for all young people to take on a role and make a positive contribution to their school. Whether as a performer, leader, official or reporter, the School Games can engage everyone.

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The School Games Mark

The School Games Mark rewards schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. We had over 9,000 successful applicants in 2016 and more details of the 2017 award are coming soon.

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