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    Best of the Blogs – click here to view all of the March winners

    For those of you that are not already aware, we’re currently running a ‘Blog of the Week’ competition, with the results being announced via our Twitter account: @YourSchoolGames. We hope that the opportunity to win yourself and your blog more publicity will entice more schools to... Read more

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    The 2016 School Games National Finals is calling for volunteers

    The Youth Sport Trust is calling for volunteers for the 2016 School Games National Finals and, regardless of whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, or organiser, you can apply today!The 2016 School Games National Finals will bring together 1,600 of the UK’s best young athletes for... Read more

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    Spotlight on the Sports… we're finding out more about 'Octopush'

    Welcome to the second in a new monthly series highlighting some of the weirder sports the world has to offer. Are these the School Games sports formats of the future? Or are they just too confusing to try and explain to a class full of young people? In this article, we take a look at Octopush, the... Read more

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    Guest writer’s column: how good do you hope the opposition is?

    Neil Rollings discusses the attitude of school sport teams towards weekly fixtures in the second of our monthly series - the guest writer's column. Neil is the Managing Director of Independent Coach Education, Britain's biggest provider of coach education, recruitment and advisory services to... Read more

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    Future funding for School Games Organisers confirmed

    Sport England has today confirmed that School Games Organisers will continue to receive funding throughout the current parliament, securing the futures of the 452 SGOs.In a statement issued earlier this afternoon, Sport England’s Mike Diaper said: “We are delighted to be able to confirm... Read more