NGBs of Sport

National Governing Bodies of Sport

The School Games sports formats have been developed in partnership with the respective National Governing Body of that sport.  National Governing Bodies of Sport are independent organisations who lead the development and delivery of their sport nationally and locally. They tend to be membership organisations with a number of affiliated clubs at community level. 

One of the key outcomes of the School Games is that young people are helped to transition from school sport into lifelong participation. The Youth Sport Trust has worked in close partnership with the National Governing Bodies and others (including teachers and students) to develop and check/challenge the sport formats. This insight process is intended to help develop consistent effective practice, that whilst not being dictatorial, has produced specific formats that are designed with the next steps on the player pathway in mind.

The National Governing Bodies have worked to ensure that the formats for the School Games contribute to this transition to community sport, and ensure that young people have a similar experience in clubs as they have in school – helping to smooth what can be a challenging move into club participation and therefore reduce the likelihood of drop-out.  The formats are also seen as a vital step in the development pathway of that sport. As a result:

  • Intra-school (Level 1)

Formats for primary and secondary aged pupils are designed to be guidance that should stimulate a dynamic and creative programme of competitive intra-mural sport year round and culminating in a School Games Day.

  •  Inter-school (Level 2 and 3)

Formats for primary and secondary aged pupils that indicate the format that is promoted by the National Governing Body. Other formats in this sport should not be considered for delivery in the School Games; whilst there is local flexibility to choose sports and age groups, the National Governing Body format that is published for that age group is the one that should be used

To find out more about local clubs in your area or further information on any sport, please follow the links below:

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Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership

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Rugby Football Union

Table Cricket

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Wheelchair Basketball

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