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By signing your school up to be involved in the School Games, you are giving all of your students the chance to take part in - and enjoy - competitive school sport.

What is available here?

This section of the website details all of the ways that you can get involved with the School Games and how your school, or a school that you are associated with, can directly benefit from the various programmes and schemes that we have on offer.

For your guidance, we have included a brief summary of what's available below:

What We Offer 

Here, you will find a detailed overview of what we currently offer as part of the School Games. We explain why schools should, in our opinion, register with our website and preview the exclusive content that will subsequently be available to them.

Getting Involved

We explain how the School Games can directly help young people by getting them involved with school sport. Go here to find out how we can help your students and what skills they can expect to gain from participating in any of the four levels of the School Games.

School Games Mark

This is your home for all things School Games Mark related. The Mark Award has been running since 2012 and recognises schools for their commitment to school sport. In 2016 we were able to award more than 9,000 schools with either the bronze, silver or gold award and we are hoping to increase that number yet again in 2017. If you're a school who wishes to apply, visit this page to find out how and to view the important criteria that you will be judged upon.

Reward and Recognition

This scheme is the perfect way to show off every success that your school has enjoyed during the current academic year. Schools are invited to blog on a given subject - 'Why Competition?' in the Autumn Term, 'Inclusion' in the Spring Term, and 'Leadership' in the Summer Term - with prizes given for the best entries. We also run the 'Blog of the Week' competition, with each winner featuring on our School Games Twitter feed and the homepage of the website - showing the world just how well they're doing. Visit this page to find out more and to access the 'Sharing of Good Practice' page, with examples of some of the best work from previous years.

Inclusive Health Check

The Inclusive Health Check is a self-review tool which can be used to see how inclusive the School Games is in your area. It's available for schools, SGOs and LOCs via their School Games dashboards and has proved extremely popular so far. If you are eager to complete a second health check. The tool has been updated for the 2016/17 academic year.

SSO Committees & Crews

We are well aware that competing is not the only way for young people to get involved with school sport. In fact, young people can play a fundamental role in shaping and developing the future of the School Games. Go here to find out how to start your own School Sport Organising Committee or Crew.

School Games National Finals

The School Games National Finals is a four day multi-sport event for the UK's elite young athletes of school age. The event seeks to create an inspirational and motivational setting that not only provides our elite young sports people with the opportunity to thrive and perform at the highest levels, but encourages more young people to take part and succeed in sport. You can find out more about the event on this page. 

Talent Inspiration (TIP)

The Talent Inspiration Programme - also known as TIP - brings together 300 young aspiring county and regional level athletes from across the country to participate in both residential and non-residential learning experiences. You can find out all about it here. 

Change4Life (C4L)

One of our biggest partners, Change4Life are passionate about motivating and supporting millions of people to make and sustain changes that will improve their health. On this page, you can get a feel for what this programme offers to schools. Our registered users can also access a range of resources to help with their delivery of Change4Life clubs.

School Games Guides

Here, we have a flip book which has been produced to help support you with running your own School Games competitions. The guide highlights the principles of using competition to inspire and support learning, including how to manage competition so it is appropriate for every learner. There are also sharing examples from other schools and ideas on how to develop the different levels of competition, as well as a guide to this very website.

Contact Us

Do you have a query about something regarding the School Games? Have you already tried the FAQ section but can't find your answer? Try using our simple online form and get in touch today.

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The School Games Mark

The School Games Mark rewards schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. We had over 9,000 successful applicants in 2016 and more details of the 2017 award are now available via the link below.

The School Games Mark 

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