One of our biggest partners, Change4Life are passionate about motivating and supporting millions of people to make and sustain changes that will improve their health.

What are Primary Change4Life Sports Clubs?

Primary sports clubs have been created to increase physical activity levels in less active seven- to nine-year-olds, through multi-sport themes.

The clubs strive to create an exciting and inspirational environment for children to engage in school sport. Over time the clubs will ensure that they take part in lifelong sport and physical activity, reducing the risk of chronic disease in later life.

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You can get involved now by visiting the Change4Life school zone! Click here to access.

If you are a primary school and would like to set up a Change4Life Sports Club please either contact your SGO or email us

Creating a Change4Life Sports Club Workforce

There are 3,000 secondary Change4Life Sports Clubs which focus on one of seven Olympic and Paralympic sports to attract less active young people and inspire them to participate in a range of alternative school sports. The aim is to build a network of vibrant extracurricular clubs on school sites that not only meets the needs and aspirations of young people, but also trains and deploys a new workforce of coaches, officials and young leaders.

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Celebrations, Festivals and Equipment

We encourage all schools to celebrate their achievements. Find out more about how we can help by visiting the Change4Life website - click here for more.

There's also a wide range of equipment available via our partners Youth Sport Direct. Click here to find out how they can help your Change4Life sports clubs.

Change4Life Resources

SGOs and LOCs can access our official Change4Life resources - including Change4Life Champions - by clicking the button below or going via your dashboard.

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Would you or your family like to be healthier and happier? Would you like loads of ideas, recipes and games to help you do this? Then you already know why you should join.

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