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Raising Achievement - A Guide to the School Games

The School Games team are here to help support your school make best use of the School Games website. You can download our guides to both the website and the programme as a whole via the links below. Further supporting resources are available for all of our signed up users and can be downloaded via your dashboards.

School Games Website Guide

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The Complete School Games Guide

This guide encourages and supports schools to raise achievement through competition, applying competitive principles to classroom learning.

Quick Case Study: using the curriculum to support your School Games Day

The concept of ‘competition across the curriculum’ was embraced by Holden Lane Cluster in Stoke on Trent during the 2012 summer term. The schools School Games Day was supported through the curriculum through an EBAC Games with competitions in English, maths, science and humanities as well as sport.

In addition, as it was the Olympic Year, every form in the school adopted an Olympic country and decorated their rooms with flags,
banners and bunting. They also enjoyed fixtures in Olympic-related quizzes and practical activities for English, maths, science and humanities. 

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The School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport. It is delivered in four seperate competition levels.

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