Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition Scheme

Interact with us more by creating your own blog on the School Games website. Read on to find out what's changed for the 2016/17 academic year!

Why get involved?

Please watch this short film to find out more about what blogging could do for you...

R&R 2016/17 - How does it work?

The Reward and Recognition Scheme has gone through some changes this summer and we're aiming to reward schools more visibly for their success and dedication to blogging.

Blogs can be written by any School Games registered school and we would encourage those that take up the challenge to share links to their work on their own websites, social media accounts and newsletters - it's a great way to keep people up to date with what's going on!

Once again we will be welcoming blogs under four categories - Why Competition, Inclusion, Leadership and General Blog Content. You are free to blog under any category at any time, but prizes will only be given to blogs entered in the correct category between the competition dates below.

Autumn Term - Why Competition - 01 September - 03 December

Download Autumn blogging advice

Spring Term - Inclusion - 04 January - 10 March

Download Spring blogging advice

Summer Term - Leadership - 14 March - 27 May

Download Summer blogging advice

Blogs from members of staff and young people are equally welcome, although the author of your article may impact on which prizes you are eligible to win - please see the terms and conditions for more information.

If you require additional guidance please click here - How to blog on your school page.


There will still be a multitude of prizes this year, but they have now been made more focused to give real relevance to the 'Reward and Recognition' name. We will be aiming to offer our most engaged schools more promotion on our website and further opportunities to engage with us. The prizes will be as follows...

Blog of the Week

Our Blog of the Week winners will be announced ever Friday during term time. The winner will have their school name, a link to their blog, their blog title and, if one was included on the original blog, an image published on our Twitter account - followed by more than 9,000 other schools, teachers, parents, organisers and partners. All blogs over 150 words will be applicable to win - with the winner themselves chosen by members of the School Games team.

Twitter Blog Awards

At the end of each month we will be publically recognising our most engaged schools via our Twitter Blog Awards. Categories will be as follows:

  • Most Active School - the school with the most blogs submitted that calendar month 
  • Most Engaging SGO - the SGO with the most individual schools engaged in the Reward and Recognition Scheme (have published at least one)
  • Most Active Student - the student author with the most individual blogs in a calendar month
  • Blog of the Month - the blog considered the best overall entry in that calendar month.

All entries can be under any category, but must be original and must contain a minimum of 150 words.

As per the 2015/16 academic year, a monthly feature entitled Best of the Blogs will be posted on the School Games homepage each month. This will feature all of that month's Blog of the Week winners and Twitter Blog Award winners.

School of the Month

The winner of each month's 'Most Active School' award will win an additional prize - the opportunity to be our School of the Month. Our School of the Month will win a section of our website's home page to use as their very own. They will be permitted to submit pictures, text and any other material to promote their school however they wish for 30 days. For more information please see our terms and conditions below.

Youth Sport Direct Vouchers

All schools that enter the Reward and Recognition Scheme under the correct category that term will be automatically entered into a random prize draw to win vouchers from Youth Sport Direct - our partner company - who make fantastic sports equipment which could be of real value to your school. Each school will receive one entry per blog they enter, provided it is original content of greater than 150 words, although they will only be permitted to win once.

Terms and Conditions

You can download the Terms and Conditions document for 2016/17 by clicking here.


Blog of the Week

We also run the 'Blog of the Week' competition. This rewards one school each week with a congratulatory tweet, promoting you to all of our followers.

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Sharing good practice

Check out some great examples of blogs from previous editions of the Reward and Recognition Scheme and receive some top tips from some of our best SGOs - as they exmplain how they promote blogging.

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