SSO Committees & Crews

School Sport Organising Committees and Crews

Young people in your school can play a fundamental role in shaping and developing the School Games.

School Sport Organising Committees (SSOC) and School Sport Organising Crews (SSOCrews) are groups of young people who join together to lead the planning and delivery of school sport clubs and Level 1 (intra) school competition programmes in their school.

They influence and shape the school sport offer for their classmates by deciding on the types of competitions to be held, their structure and where and when they take place. This helps make the School Games even more attractive and accessible for all young people.

Committee or Crew - What's the difference?

A committee is diverse group of young people in a Secondary school that come together to support the organisation of the School Games in their school. Similarly, a crew is a diverse group of young people in a Primary school that come together to support the organisation of the School Games in their school.

What are the benefits of taking part?

Hear for yourself from our experts...

Furthermore, School Games SSOC and SSOCrews are there to ensure that the School Games meets the needs of the young people in their school. Their responsibilities should include...

  • Working with teachers to improve the standard of school sport and the School Games.
  • Organising a survey to find out what young people think of sport in their school.
  • Reporting back to fellow students at the end of the year on what improvements have been or are going to be made.

As well as improving the School Games these tasks will also help to develop important life and employability skills for the students involved.

How does my school get involved?

All PE teachers in school can easily get a committee or crew started. Your local School Games Organiser (SGO) will also be able to help train the committee to ensure everyone understands exactly what they are doing and has the support they need.

The School Games team can also provide you with all the training and information you need to make sure you are an organised and effective committee. Make sure to visit the resources section of your School Games dashboard to find out more, or go there now by clicking the link on the right-hand side of this page.



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